Kaos x [Rennie and/or Buc]

Pups Born July 29, 2015

 5 Females, 2 Males

When Kaos came into season this year, I felt that  this was our last chance for a litter of pups. She is 6 years old and I won’t be breeding her again. I chose Becky Whitmeyer’s Rennie not only because he has 2 Qualifying wins at all-breed trials, but also because at 13.5 he is still in excellent shape,with no major health issues. We did 2 side by side AI breedings with him.  Unfortunately, Becky’s other dog, Buc, managed to breed her as well. I am waiting for the results of  the AKC’s DNA testing to see who the sire is for each pup. Pups weighed  16 oz each at birth and are thriving, Kaos is an excellent mom and is still at 5 weeks cleaning up after them. They are a rambunctious lot, very precocious and vigorous.

These pups will be ready to go at 8 weeks – late September. Please contact me  asteer@xplornet.com if you are interested.